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the fact that Sam is already holding Cas up perfectly fine on his own but Dean still flails and runs over like a worried boyfriend

Dean your homo is showing

Anyone else notice how Sam also moves his hand from Cas’ chest like “Oh shit, I’m in Dean’s territory.”

And then Cas leans right into Dean as soon as he gets the chance, even before Sam’s hand moves

Did you also notice me on the floor crying?

Yes I did. You have lovely hair.

Well this has taken a turn.



This part was so Bucky, just so, so Bucky, he’s like “yes, ok, your philosophical crap is cool and all but is actually not at all important to me at all.”  HE DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT IDEALS, NEVER DID, HE JUST LOVES STEVE, and that grim smile he gives at the end is just like he knows insisting on that is gonna hurt him but he’s so certain and OUCH JUST OW

How abou YOU hurt me Blu, why do you do this to me??


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